Coming to Miami

As I begin my fourth week in adjusting to Miami life, I wanted to share a few things that I have come to learn (and unlearn) about this city that everyone should know. 1.  Yo quero Taco Bell.   ¡usted debe saber hablar español!   Everyone speaks spanish here… your neighbors, the people at mcdonald’s on the french fries,  the grocery store clerks, the babies, hell even the dogs bark in espanol.  Thank God I managed to procure a version of Spanish Rosetta Stone before I left Charlotte.  I mean, if you didn’t see American flags flying here and there as you traveled about [ ... ]
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Who Am I?

…Shit, who am I? It’s not important But they call me Brother to the Night… — Darius Lovehall in Love Jones   It’s funny the things people do when they start to fear for their own mortality.  Some people switch (or find) religions.  Many people look at their bucket list and begin crossing things off in a grocery-shopping-item-in-the-buggy fashion.  Others give up the whereabouts of suspected terrorists right before being waterboarded again.  Folks like myself, well, we drop perfectly healthy careers in pursuit of other dreams and passions all in the name of “Because.”  There is an even smaller population of people that actually want to [ ... ]

In Case You Hadn’t Heard… James Richard Verone Is Not Crazy

I’m always online.  Due to that fact, I read alot of stuff.  You know what they say, don’t believe everything you hear online, but some things are just too good not to repeat.  With that being said, I’d like to introduce a new little installment to this blog entitled,  “In Case You Hadn’t Heard…”.  My goal is to spark discussion on newsworthy items that you may or may not have read about recently. Today’s installment is a news item straight from our NC backyard that has been getting some worldwide attention recently.  When I first read the story, I thought I [ ... ]

I’m Just Saying…

So I went to watch the new Green Lantern movie last night… I thought it was terrible!  Who spends their entire movie time using their superpowers trying to get laid?  Anyhoo. The special effects were on point though, and I give the movie one kudo point for the throwback comparison to one of my favorite video games of all time, Sinistar.  The whole time while watching the movie, all I could think of was Parallax is about to say it!  C’mon!  Run, Coward!  I Hunger!  But I’m just saying.  I grabbed some screenshots and photoshopped them together.  You tell me [ ... ]

Late to the Pody

So I finally broke down and got an iPod.  Yeah, yeah I know I’m only a decade late, so sue me.  But in this day and age of netbooks, tablets and super smart phones, I never felt it necessary to need more gadgetry in my already stuffed front pockets.  ESPECIALLY, since the functions of said gadget was already incorporated into one of the other things being lugged around. See, when it comes to change with all things music, I’m always hesitant to jump on the latest greatest thing.  I mean why change something that ain’t broken!  I never wanted to give [ ... ]

Sleeping Tiger, Hidden Dragon

*YAWN*  Hi.  So, I guess I have decided to jump start this whole blogging thing again.  I originally thought I’d keep up a site that would be a collection of my odd ideas, interesting thoughts, epic topics of debates,  good music and just plain old cool shit that I’m sure no one else cares about besides me, but then something strange happened right as I was getting into the swing of things… I lost my voice. Well I didn’t lose it, I just found myself in a self-imposed writer’s funk.  My sis had just died on the eve of my 35th [ ... ]

The Decision

If you missed ESPN’s televised special on Danny Byers’ decision, here is the transcript of Jim Gray’s conversation with Danny :     Thank you very much. Everybody is on pins and needles across the country, particularly those schools who are in the running for Danny Byers. Are you ready to go Danny? Where is the powder? Left it at home. What’s new? What’s been going on with you this summer? Man, this whole going back to school process, looking forward to it. What have you thought about this process? This process has been everything I’ve thought and more. And that’s what I [ ... ]

3/6/9, 10:32, 44

No, its not the winning powerball numbers.  They are a series of numbers, however, that I will remember for as long as I live.  My big sister Deena Diane Byers passed away yesterday, March 6th, 2009 at 10:32 am.  She was 44. I probably won’t ever know the true cause of her death.  Her doctor’s will use the terms Staphylococcus Aureus and Toxic Shock Syndrome as the cause of her death, but I simply like to think of it as her having a panic attack because she was frequently being separated from her family during those crucial, final hours of her [ ... ]

In Honor of Valentine’s Day – My Top 10 Romantic Chick Flicks!

Fellas!  So the economy has you down and you aren’t able to wine and dine the lady like years past?  No problem!  Ya boy gotcha covered!  Get yoself some champipple, a box of Blast-O-Butta popcorn and a Blockbuster/netflix movie pass and check out any one of these movies to make sure your cupid arrow doesn’t go unattended to on the 14th! And yeah this list is biased to movies made during the time that I’ve been alive and old enough to appreciate them! 10: Pretty Woman (1990): Richard Gere, Julia Roberts. Every woman’s fantasy is to be swept off her feet by [ ... ]

In my mind I’m going to Carolina…

I can’t really explain it.  James Taylor sang about it best.  There is something magical about growing up in North Carolina that maybe only people in boston and new york or michigan and ohio can understand.  It’s often called one of the best rivalries in all of sports–the Carolina-Duke rivalry.  The real 8 mile (sorry Eminem).  The Dean.  Coach K.  Grant Hill straddling the back of a bloodied Eric Montross after a monster dunk.  Danny Green putting deez nuts in Paulus’s face on a one handed jam.  It’s Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, Jerry Stackhouse, Elton Brand…the list of household names [ ... ]